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Glastonbury weather so hot people are inflating balloons

Glastonbury weather
Caption: Glastonbury weather looks great so everyone’s partying by blowing up balloons

Festival goers have apparently enjoyed their first night. Glastonbury weather was hot so much they decided to decorate the place with balloons.

Thousands of music fans descended on the site on Wednesday with many more expected to join them today. On what is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far with the Glastonbury weather.

Some of them really got into the innocent party atmosphere, laughing and getting giddy together as they sat around blowing up balloons.

Enjoying the weather

And it seems some are enjoying the good weather so much they are completely stripping off, much to the enjoyment of onlookers.

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Many young people started the party early with a stunning firework display at the festival’s stone circle on the opening night.

galstonbury event
People started the party early on Wednesday night (Picture: SWNS)
glastonbury concert
It seems lots of people had the same idea about bringing balloons along to the celebration
galstonbury festival
The Stone Circle was the place to be as Glastonbury-goers enjoyed their first night (Picture: SWNS)
glastonbury sun
It appears things are only going to get better as these lucky music fans are in for more hot weather (Picture: SWNS)

Aerial shots showed just how big the festival site at Worthy Farm, Somerset, is, with festival-goers’ ‘tent city’ said to be the size of Colchester.

The photographs were taken by James Pearce, 51, who flew his powered paraglider over the huge site.

Some are choosing to glamp in already set-up tents that start at the price of £295 for a two-person scout tent, to £1,075 for a six-person ‘Octopad’.

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Those really splashing out may have invested in one of the site’s 12ft yurts costing £800 for the duration of the event.

Music officially kicks off today with main headline acts performing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Very Hot

Despite packing the essential wellies, Glastonbury-goers have been warned they face extreme heat in the lead up to the weekend. As it is going to be the best Glastonbury weather since the start of the event.

It’s been forecast that temperatures at the Worthy Farm site will reach 25°C this afternoon. With the Met Office predicting sunshine and clear skies throughout the event.

The NHS has issued a level-two heat alert that is in place until 6pm on Saturday evening.

Experts say the heatwave is being caused by a 2000 mile wide plume of hot air being blown over from Africa by an unusually strong jet stream.

Glastonbury weather

glastonbury nude
Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but strip off (Picture: AFP/Getty)
An aerial shot of the festival’s ‘tent city’ said to be the size of Colchester (Picture: PA)
glastonbury sexy
People are already in the party spirit (Picture: Getty)
gastonbury tents
That portable shower is going to come in handy as temperatures continue to rise this weekend (Picture: AFP/Getty)
Thousands of people are already at Worthy Farm with more expected to arrive throughout Thursday (Picture: PA)
The festival will see highs of 30°C over the weekend, as the heatwave hits the South West (Picture: EPA)
Two girls staying hydrated by using the water facilities at the Worthy Farm site. (Picture: Press Association)

The Met Office has also warned about humid conditions inside tents.

Warm conditions are expected to cool down by Sunday, but festival goers are being urged to wear sun cream, drink plenty of water and dress in light

200,000 People

Over 200,000 people were welcomed into the UK’s largest festival yesterday as the gates to the grounds were finally opened following a two-year break.

Upon arrival, guests were also told not to urinate on the grass, amid fears the heatwave could cause water contamination.

With high temperatures soaring above 30°C, the ground is expected to become dry. Which causes urine to stream into the lake on-site faster than usual.

Weather conditions are supposed to stay muggy and humid, making it difficult for those sleeping in tents (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)
glastonbury overview
The vast site stretches for miles (Picture: PA)
glastonbury love
Festival-goers embrace in a kiss at the stone circle (Picture: PA)
glastonbury fun
Enjoying the sunset on Wednesday evening (Picture: PA)

On a poster shared across Glastonbury’s social media platforms, organisers warned that the festival could close if people do not comply. Saying that: ‘The groundwater runs into the central Whitelake River and down the valley for miles around.

‘Wildlife and fish are affected if 200,000 people pee everywhere.

‘The Environment Agency tests the water regularly, and has the power to close down the site if too many people have urinated and polluted the site.’

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