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Tombola Store where your dreams can become a reality


You can win amazing, luxury prizes in our prize draws. Anyone can play! Simply answer a question correctly and buy as many tickets for the prizes you want (Starting from 1p), to increase your chances of winning. remember there is no closing date set for each draw so a prize can close as early as the day it has opened.


We are the first fully automated prize draw raffle site offering both essential and luxury items starting from as little as 1 penny a ticket.

Each prize contains a fixed number of tickets.

Once the tickets are sold the draw is then closed and all the players participating can watch the draw live.

The prizes can be sold within the same day they are posted.

The speed of closing is dictated by the players.

tombola store


At Tombola Store we recognise that all of us have dreams & find them here with Freebies.

Our dreams vary from owning our first phone to enjoying the luxuries in life that are generally accessible to the privileged few.

With so many pressures in life just to maintain a reasonable standard of life. We at Tombola have taken a traditional game and converted it into the electronic age.

Win Prizes Today

Giving you the chance for you to own the prizes that you desire and dream of, for a fraction of their cost.

For the first time there is an opportunity to play for prizes that have a fixed number of tickets available. As soon as those tickets are sold the draw is closed.

So unlike any other raffle we have no closing date set.

We will commit to providing a variety of prizes from the most conventional to the most unique and will accommodate any suggestions by you that we feel will have mass appeal.




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