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Love Island

Amy Hart Love Island can’t return to her job

amy hart
Amy can’t go back to her job after her summer of love (and heartbreak) (Picture: ITV Picture Desk)

Amy Hart made Love Island viewers proud and emotional when she decided to leave the Love Island villa. After being dumped by Curtis Pritchard.

But it turns out she couldn’t exactly go back to her day job when she did.

Amy Hart Love Island has revealed that she can’t return to her job as an air stewardess for British Airways. Having quit her eight-year career to go into the Love Island villa.

Speaking on Heart Breakfast with Kelly Brook and JK, Amy revealed: ‘I thought that I would be able to go back to my job afterwards. I thought brilliant, ’cause obviously you can get really good Instagram content around the world in all the destinations. We go to the Maldives, Barbados, feeding the horses in the sea.

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‘So I was like brilliant, I’ll just get a few hundred thousand Instagram followers then I can go back to my job and just get really good Instagram content around the world and then obviously, I can’t go back to my job.’

When Kelly questioned if that was how she felt, Amy added: ‘No I can’t go back.. I had to leave before I went in.’

love island any
Amy has been busy since leaving the villa (Picture: Beretta/Sims/REX)
Amy Hart Love Island
She still has that personalised luggage though (Picture: Beretta/Sims/REX )


To be fair, Amy has enough PAs and radio interviews to keep her busy, as well as guest appearances on Loose Women.

The reality star, who entered the villa on day one, made a dramatic exit from the villa after ending her romance with Curtis, 23, when his head was turned by Jourdan Riane.

The ballroom dancer has now moved on with Maura Higgins and the pair are steamrolling towards the final, but Amy, surprisingly, isn’t feeling too bitter towards them.

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When asked if she still had a chance with Curtis, Amy said: ‘Not in a relationship no. He doesn’t fancy me in a relationship but obviously as friends. I would really like to be friends but I’ll wait for him to call me because it’s not fair on Maura to be calling him.’

Amy Hart Love Island job
Curtis has moved on with Maura (Picture: ITV Picture Desk)

As Kelly asked: ‘What, do you think they’re honestly going to go the distance and have a proper relationship when they come out?’, Amy said: ‘Well I hope so, otherwise what was the point in me leaving? I would have just stayed.’

And despite a rocky ending to her journey. Amy is feeling pretty positive about her Love Island experience.

She said: ‘I feel really really lucky and really grateful. When I left obviously you speak to the producer afterwards and all I kept saying to them was “thank you so much for giving me that opportunity”. Like even if I had to do that last week again, I’d do it if I could get the first four.

‘And that’s why I do want to be friends with everyone in that villa despite having my differences. You know Lucie, Maura, Curtis. I do want to be friends with all of them. Because we are the only people in the world that know what it was like to be in there and we did that together. All of us, our experience would have been so different without all of us there. So I wouldn’t change anything. That’s why I think we’ve got to all be friends because it’s what it’s all about.’

Perhaps the real Love Island is the friends we made along the way.

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