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Arnold Schwarzenegger Age 72 Returns To Terminator

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Age 72 -years-old but there is no one else that could own Terminator like he does.

The OG robot steamrolled the beginning of the Terminator franchise with the aptly-titled The Terminator back in 1984. With the return of his character in Dark Fate, it’s like Arnold, albeit for a few grey hairs, hasn’t aged a day.

We’ve seen the father-of-five pumping iron in the gym like it’s going out of style. Putting the twenty-somethings to shame with his bulging biceps and the Tim Miller-directed script does not go easy on the man.

Returning to form as the formidable Terminator alongside equally boss Linda Hamilton, 63, for the one-two hit of T-800 and Sarah Connor for the first time in 28 years Arnold is forced to still act like the unkillable, metal cyborg; unageing, unrelenting.

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While Linda revealed a hardcore training regime, devoid of carbs on top of that, she mastered for a year to get up to speed for the sequel. Arnie made it sound like a walk in the park when he chatted exclusively to Metro.

‘I train every day. I ride bikes every day, I ski, I still do a lot of sports. So for me, it’s a little more normal than I’ll come in and do my action movies that I’m ready and in shape,’ the action stalwart told us ahead of Dark Fate’s release.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Age
Still a Boss

Arnold Schwarzenegger Age 72 – the man still does weights, goes skiing regularly and cycles. Every day. We’ve got a lot to live up to.

Arnold almost answers with a shrug, like age is but a number. To the former bodybuilding champion and Mr Olympia, we suppose it sort of is.

‘When someone comes in who hasn’t done it for a while, like Linda, it’s more unusual,’ he continued.

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‘I always love it. In this movie, the director was very demanding and he demanded a lot of action and a lot of work and we worked for hours and hours – yes even I got sore myself from all the reps.’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Age
In 1984’s Terminator

Ha! He’s human, after all!

Sorry, we’ll let the man finish: ‘But when you see the movie it pays off.

‘It’s so great to watch it with all the visual effects and how well it was coordinated with the stunts.’

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Yes, the franchise has come a long way from when Arnold was directed to punch through very real glass windows in cars that weren’t part of the set.

Linda and Arnold waxed lyrical on the delight of joining forces for another walk down Terminator lane, where they’ll always be back.

Arnold enthused: ‘We were very happy working together and had a great time on set and after shooting, as always.

‘I have to say I was blown away by Linda’s performance…not only from an acting point of view, the physicality of it. When you talk about her age, it’s not the same when you’re 60-years-old and you jump around [as] when you’re 20 or 30; it’s much more difficult.

‘But she trained like crazy and put the hours and reps into it and did the weapons training and was as good as she was in Terminator 2 – if not better.’

Terminator: Dark Fate is in cinemas Wednesday, 23 October.

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