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Katie hill nude

Katie Hill nude photos were leaked online. THE Democratic congresswoman who resigned after they were published has vowed to become a campaigner against revenge porn.

‘MY PHOTOS WERE WEAPONISED’ Katie Hill nude photos – Democrat vows to become revenge porn campaigner after resigning from Congress over leaked nude pics

Katie Hill became the centre of a scandal last week when allegations emerged that she had had a sexual relationship with a member of her congressional staff, a violation of House rules.

katie hill nude photos

Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill, who is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee over her alleged relationship with a staffer, announced on Sunday that she would resign.

katie hill nude

Leaked photos appeared to show Congresswoman Katie Hill kissing 24-year-old Morgan Desjardins, of Santa Clarita, California.

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katie hill nude

Katie Hill, 32, has said she is currently in the process of divorcing her husband, Kenny Heslep, who was reportedly part of a ‘throuple’ with Hill and Desjardins.

The 32-year-old announced on Sunday that she would step down after the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into her conduct.

The allegations first emerged earlier this month when conservative news site RedState accused Hill of twice violating House rules against sex with subordinates.

RedState reported that Hill’s estranged husband, Kenneth Heslep, who she is currently divorcing, had posted on a now-deleted Facebook account that Hill had been “sleeping with her [male] finance director for the past year at least.”

The man referred to is reported to be Hill’s legislative staffer Graham Kelly.

Photos later emerged of Hill nude and in the company of 24-year-old female staffer Morgan Desjardins.

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Hill said Sunday that she would “take up a new fight” to “ensure no one else has to live through what I just experienced.”

“Some people call this electronic assault, digital exploitation, others call it revenge porn,” she said.

“As the victim of it, I call it one of the worst things that we can do to our sisters and our daughters.

“I will not allow my experience to scare off other young women or girls from running for office.”

“I never claimed to be perfect, but I never thought my imperfections would be weaponized and used to try and destroy me and the community I’ve loved for my entire life.”


Hill will resign after less than 10 months in office, having been seen as a rising star within the Democratic Party, and said she had made the decision “with a broken heart”.

In a statement, she said: “Having private photos of personal moments weaponised against me has been an appalling invasion of my privacy.

“It’s also illegal, and we are currently pursuing all of our available legal options.

“However, I know that as long as I am in Congress, we’ll live fearful of what might come next and how much it will hurt.”

The statement also said: “For the mistakes made along the way and the people who have been hurt, I am so sorry, and I am learning.

Hill had received plaudits for being an openly bisexual progressive who flipped a Los Angeles County seat that was previously Republican.

She is also vice-chair of the powerful House Oversight Committee.

 Hill shared her resignation letter on Twitter

Hill shared her resignation letter on Twitter


The man referred to in the allegations published by RedState is reported to be Hill’s legislative staffer Graham Kelly.

Photos published on Thursday also showed Hill kissing a female staffer, Morgan Desjardins, 24, of Santa Clarita, California.

Others showed her nude and holding what appeared to be a bong.

It was claimed that Heslep had no issues with Hill’s relationship with Desjardins, as he too was a willing participant.

Leaked photos and text messages appeared to show what was, for more than a year, a polyamorous three-way relationship between Hill, Heslep and Desjardin.

Hill called off the relationship in May, reports said, four months after she moved to DC.

The congresswoman had accused such accounts as being a “smear campaign” against her, but in a letter to her constituents, she eventually acknowledged the relationship.

“I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgement,” she wrote.

Hill, whose lawyer filed a cease-and-desist letter to the Daily Mail, which still has the nude images on its website, has asked U.S. Capitol Police to investigate potential legal violations for posting and distributing the photos online without her consent.

On Saturday, it was reported that Graham Kelly had received a $5,100 “2018 campaign bonus” in April, making him one of only four campaign workers to receive bonuses, starting at $2,700.

According to reports, Kelly’s bonus was the highest.

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