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Website Ranking – Get Ranked in just a week on Alexa

website ranking alexa
Get your Site ranked in just a week for Free

I always see a lot of people that make a website or blog but then hit the big problem many that many of us do which is getting the website ranking and getting traffic.

How to SEO and get your website ranking on Alexa and also many more search engines Fast and Free!

Why website ranking is important

When you first make your blog or website and publish it live online the next thing and probably the hardest thing to do for new webmasters and new websites/blogs is getting them seen and bringing targeted traffic to them which can be very frustrating. If your website is not ranking on search engines that means nobody will know it is there which means ZERO traffic. Most webmasters and bloggers have all ran into this problem at some point. Here I will list a few steps that will help you along and start getting traffic.

website ranking alexa
Website Ranking Alexa

Why traffic is important

Whether you are starting a business website or already have one, or if you are a blogger, website traffic is very important as you want people to see your product or blog articles. NO traffic means NO sales or no connection with other bloggers that will be interested in reading your content.

NO Traffic means NO Sales

Before I tell you how to start getting your website ranking in search engines. I am going to list a few very important things that you should do which will also help your website in a big way.

Long tail keywords

What are long-tail keywords and why are they important? The difference between keywords and long-tail keywords is that there is a lot less competition with long-tail keywords.


Keywords: Website traffic (Very high competition)

Long tail keyword: How do I get website traffic (Much lower competition)

How to do a keyword research

I will list 3 good ways of doing this, the first one is Ahrefs which offers a 7-day free trial but then you need to subscribe.

The second is Google keyword planner which I have not used for a while but it is still highly spoken about.

The third is Ubersuggest which was made by the great blogger Niel Patel. It’s a Free tool and the one I use the most as it is easy to get on with.

website ranking

Target low competition keywords

Type in your targetted keywords on any of the 3 ways listed above. It will show you how many seacheds that keyphrase gets a month and also show you related keyphrases.

It also tells you the competition of the keywords you are using. Its starts 1-100, the lower the number the lower the comppatiton and the more chance you stand to rank on the front page.

You will find that long-tail keywords have much less competition so you will stand a lot more chance your website ranking to the top of search engines.

Add alt tags to images

Adding alt tags to your images in you articles also as a big impact on your SEO (Search engine optimization).

You can add more related keywords or phrases in the alt description of your images, which means you can also be indexed in the image search. The more keywords the more traffic you will get.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When your websites gets crawl by search engines it analyses your pages for the main factors such as the topic, keywords, importance, meta tags and most of all the title.

An eye-catching interesting title is one of the most important things. The better the title and the more interesting the more traffic it will attract

Must have SEO plugin for WordPress

website ranking
Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is a must for WordPress. When people hear the term SEO they start to panic as it can be and is very complicated. Well not anymore as the Yoast SEO Plugin is just like SEO straight out of the box and you can learn it in no time thanks to Yoast.

website ranking alexa
Example of Yoast

Creating evergreen content

evergreen content publish
What is Evergreen Content?

What is Evergreen content and why it is very important.

Evergreen content is something that will be just important today as it will next week, next month or even in 2 years time. Content that is not Evergreen for example can be a news article which may get searches for a week then get forgot about.

Evergreen content is something that will still help people in 1 or 2 or even 10 years time. Which means it will never die. These can also be known as piller posts.

In the long term Evergreen content will bring you constant Organic traffic to you website or blog.

Submit site to search engines

search engine ranking

Submitting your website to search engines can also be a big help and it is very easy to do. You do not get an instant result from this, it can take up to 6 weeks before your website or blog gets a crawled, but it lets all search engines know that your site or blog is out there and active.

To do this this just type submit site in the Google search bar and you will see plenty of options. There are some paid services which will help you do this faster if you feel you have not got the time to do it manully.

You can use this Tool which is free to submit your site or blog to multiple search engines. You can also submit your site or blog to most search engines manually one at a time which is completely free. Some will require email verification after you have submitted but it is worth spending an hour doing as it will get your website known much faster.

Social media sharing

how to rank my website
Social Media Sharing is a Must

Sharing on social media is another very good way of getting your website or blog content seen. They are plenty of plugins in WordPress that will add the social media share buttons to your website or blog. I have always used the Shareaholic plugin. It is user-friendly and makes it easy for your visitors to share on their social media.

You can also earn revenue with this plugin via social media shares but I will do another article about monetising very soon.

How to start getting your website ranking fast

The fastest and simplest way to get your website ranking fast on search engines is by sending traffic to your website or blog. The more traffic your site or blog receives the faster search engines will rank you as they will see your site is getting a lot of attention.

People now often wonder, well how am I going to do that as I have a new website with no traffic? The answer to this is Traffic Spirit.

website ranking alexa
Traffic Spirit

This tool will send traffic to your website or blog instantly. You can set up how many visits per day and from what countries, what speed, what source and what rate and + lot more.

traffic spirit screenshot
Traffic Spirit

Easy & Free

1, Forever Free, No Registration.
2, Free&Full Support Service.
3, Switch Traffic and Integral Mode.

Real & Effective

1, Mutual visit for traffic in different region.
2, Visit with browser under rule control.
3, Flexible use for different requirement.

Safe & Reliable

1, Chrome Blink Core, No Virus No Trojan.
2, Filter Sound, Block Pop-ups.
3, Professional Team, Continual Upgrade.

Traffic Spirit is a software to promote website mainly for Webmaster,
Web Store, Twitter, Facebook and Blog to rapidly improve traffic
(IP, PV, UV). It can fulfil all kinds of promotion requirements for website if flexible to use.

I have not made this program & do not hold any RESPONSIBILITY for misuse eg.Google ads etc.

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