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Gemini 2 – Mac Duplicate Cleaner – All You Need To Know

Gemini 2 – Mac Duplicate Cleaner is the smart way to find all duplicate files. You use it for browsing your drives, it lets you see everything stored, including invisible files and hidden tracks. It can uncover duplicates with the same content, using secure MD5 checking. Or you can win back your drive space in literally two clicks by focusing on the file type or date created. Then you can bring any file back with just another click.

Gemini 2 helps you clean & organize your computer

Mac duplicates can be tricky to deal with. If you have several of them, detecting when they are running gives you a hell of a lot of headaches. Thankfully, there is a tool out there that makes dealing with these issues a lot easier. Gemini 2 will alert you when it detects a duplicate as well as let you remove it from your computer with one click. It does all of this while ensuring that everything is in the same place and giving you a list of steps to follow should something go awry.

One Gemini and two clicks and your files and drive space are organized

Gemini 2 is a Mac OSX application that manages all the files of your hard drive in a way that helps you to have a cleaner arrangement of your personal files. With 2 clicks on Gemini 2, all your open files are listed and you can easily locate and remove them from your computer.

It is easy and convenient to use and offers very effective search capabilities for all the files that have been opened by another application or by you. The application is equally effective when it comes to organizing your favourite video or photos libraries. To sum up, Gemini 2 is a program that makes your work using multiple applications easy and convenient.

Make the most of Gemini 2 by organizing your other apps, pics and music as well

With Gemini 2 you’ll enjoy the same features as Gemini 1 plus more to organize your other apps, pictures, music and documents all in one place. The duplicate picture finder is the quickest way to clean up your photos. You can do it manually or Gemini will go through your whole library searching for duplicates. Gemini works with collections, smart playlists, albums and smart folders so you only have to set it up once no matter where you want to use it.

Why you should purchase Gemini 2

Gemini 2 – Mac Duplicate Cleaner is a user-friendly software designed to perform Mac duplicate removal tasks. It promises to protect your data from being deleted during the scanning process and identifies the files that you don’t need keeping them safe from potential future data loss scenarios. Gemini 2 works with a number of additional useful tools for combining operations and performing more advanced recovery of documents and media files.

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Gemini 2 - Mac Duplicate Cleaner